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Invitation to the EuroPython Society General Assembly 2019

We would like to invite all EuroPython attendees and EuroPython Society (EPS) members to attend this year’s EPS General Assembly (GA), which we will run as in-person meeting at the upcoming EuroPython 2019, held in Basel, Switzerland from July 8 - 14.

Place of the General Assembly meeting:

We will meet on Thursday, July 11 2019, at 16:05 CEST in room Boston of the Congress Center Basel, Messeplatz 21, 4058 Basel, Switzerland.

There will be a short talk to invite volunteers to participate in organizing EuroPython 2019 in preparation for next year’s event at 15:30 CEST in the same room, right before the General Assembly. You may want to attend that talk as well. In this talk, we will present the EuroPython Workgroup Concept, we have been using successfully for the past years now.

General Assembly Agenda

The agenda contents for the assembly is defined by the EPS bylaws. We are planning to use the following structure:

  • Opening of the meeting
  • Selection of meeting chair, secretary and 2 checkers of the minutes
  • Motion establishing the timeliness of the call to the meeting
  • Presentation of the annual report and annual accounts by the board
  • Presentation of the report of the auditor
  • Discharge from liability for the board
  • Presentation of a budget by the outgoing board.
  • Acceptance of budget and decision on membership fees for the upcoming year
  • Election of members of the board
  • Election of chair of the board
  • Election of one auditor and one replacement. The auditor does not have to be certified in any way and is normally selected among the members of the society.
  • The optional election of a nomination committee for the next annual meeting of the General Assembly
  • Propositions from the board, if any
  • Motions from the members, if any
  • Closing of the meeting

In an effort to reduce the time it takes to go through this long list, which is mandated by the bylaws, we will try to send as much information to the members mailing list before the GA, so that we can limit presentations to a minimum.

Election of the members of the board

The EPS bylaws limit the number of board members to one chair and 2 - 8 directors, at most 9 directors in total. Experience has shown that the board members are the most active organizers of the EuroPython conference, so we try to get as many board members as possible to spread the work load.

All members of the EPS are free to nominate or self nominate board members. Please write to no later than Thursday, July 4 2019, if you want to run for board. We will then include you in the list we’ll have in the final nomination announcement before the GA, which is scheduled for July 5.

The following people from the current board have already shown interest in running for board in the next term as well (in alphabetical order):

  • Martin Christen
  • Silvia Uberti
  • Anders Hammarquist
  • Marc-AndrĂ© Lemburg

We will post more detailed information about the candidates and any new nominations we receive in a separate blog post.

Propositions from the board

  • None at the moment.

The bylaws allow for additional propositions to be announced up until 5 days before the GA, so the above list is not necessarily the final list.

Motions from the members

  • None at the moment.

EPS members are entitled to suggest motions to be voted on at the GA. The bylaws require any such motions to be announced at least 5 days before the GA. If you would like to propose a motion, please send it to no later than Friday, July 4 2019, so we can announce the final list to everyone.

EuroPython Society

EuroPython 2019: Schedule is online


We are pleased to announce the EuroPython 2019 schedule. We will again have more than 130 sessions in total, held by more than 130 speakers. 


Schedule for EuroPython 2019

Please note that the schedule may still change in details, but the overall layout is fixed now.

Book your EuroPython 2019 Ticket

Please make sure you book your ticket in the coming days. We will switch to late bird rates next week.

If you want to attend the training sessions, please buy a training pass in addition to your conference ticket, or get a combined ticket. We only have very few training seats left.

Travel & accommodation tips

Since we’re close the conference, Basel is in high demand. If you’re having problems finding a hotel, please also consider searching for apartments on the well known booking sites.

We have collected a number of recommendations for accommodation and travel to Basel on the EuroPython 2019 website. If you get a hotel or apartment in Basel, you will additionally get a BaselCard for your stay, which allows you to use public transport in Basel for free. Please see our accommodation page for details.

EuroPython 2019 Team

EuroPython 2019: Inviting European Python Conference Organizers


As you may know, the EuroPython Society (EPS) has extended it’s mission to not only run the EuroPython conference, but also provide help for the Python community in Europe in general.

As part of this, we would like to get to know, and help create closer ties between organizers of other European Python events.

Organizers’ Lunch

We would like to invite representatives of all European Python conference to EuroPython 2019 to join us for an organizers’ lunch. We’re planing the lunch for Thursday or Friday. Details will be announced closer to the event.

Our aim is to get to know each other, exchange experience in organizing events and to find out how we, as EPS, can most effectively help other conferences going forward.

Free Tickets

To support and facilitate this, we are giving out one free conference ticket per conference team, so that each team can send a representative to the organizers’ lunch.

If your team wants to send someone to join, please write to, mentioning the conference you’re organizing and some background on your team.

EuroPython Society

EuroPython 2019: Community Discounts


The EuroPython Society (EPS) does not only run the EuroPython conference, but also aims to provide help for the Python community in Europe in general.

Let’s all meet at EuroPython

In addition to the Python Organizers Lunch (see previous post), which focuses on conference organizers, we are also establishing a program to support attendees of Python user groups and conferences in Europe.

We’d like to invite all of you to EuroPython 2019 this year. Of course, we cannot give out free tickets to everyone, but we can at least recognize your participation in the Python community by giving out discounts for the conference.

Discounts for EuroPython Tickets

If you are running a Python event (conference or user group) in Europe, please reach out to to request a coupon code for your group, which you can then pass on to your group members or attendees.

If you are not running a user group or conference, but a regular attendee of one, please contact your organizers to have them submit a request. We can only distribute codes at the user group and conference organizer level.

The coupon codes are valid for conference tickets bought starting today and will give you a 10% discount on the ticket price (both regular and late bird prices). The codes are setup for user group sizes of between 30-50 members, but we are also extending this to organizers and attendees of larger conferences. If you need a code valid for larger groups, please mention this in your email.

EuroPython Society

PyData EuroPython 2019


We are happy to announce a complete PyData track at EuroPython 2019:


PyData EuroPython 2019

The PyData track will be part of EuroPython 2019, so you won’t need to buy an extra ticket to attend. 

The PyData track is run in cooperation with NumFocus.

There are two full tracks featuring more than 30 talks and 4 trainings:

  • 4 trainings on Monday and Tuesday (July 8-9)
  • 34 talks on Wednesday and Thursday (July 10-11)
  • no PyData talks on Friday (July 12)

The full program is available on our PyData EuroPython 2019 page.

If you’d like to attend PyData EuroPython 2019, please register for EuroPython 2019 soon.

Dates and Venues

EuroPython 2019 will be held from July 8-14 2019 in Basel, Switzerland, at the Congress Center Basel (CCB) for the main conference days (Wed-Fri) and the FHNW Muttenz for the workshops/trainings/sprints days (Mon-Tue, Sat-Sun).

Please see our website for more information.

EuroPython 2019 Team 

EuroPython 2019: Financial Aid Program starts today


We are happy to announce the start of our financial aid program for this year’s EuroPython.

As part of our commitment to the Python community, we are pleased to announce that we offer special grants for people in need of a financial aid to attend EuroPython.


Financial Aid Sponsor for EuroPython 2019:


The EuroPython Society (EPS) is sponsoring financial aid with 15,000 EUR this year.

We offer financial aid conference grants in these 2 categories:

  • Free ticket. Get a standard ticket for the conference for free (including access to conference days (Wed-Fri), Beginners’ Day workshop and sprints.). Note: training passes are NOT included in the free conference ticket.
  • Travel / Accommodation. We will cover the travel costs pro rata, depending on what you are applying for. You can get partial refund for the accommodation.

Grant Eligibility

EuroPython is a wonderful place to meet and share your experience with other Python developers from Europe and all around the world. Our goal is support people which want to make Python community better: conference speakers and tutorial presenters, active people from small Python communities and open source contributors.

Our grants are open to all people in need of financial aid. We will specifically take into account the following criteria in the selection process:

  • Contributors: potential speakers/trainers of EuroPython (people who submitted a proposal) and all who contribute to EuroPython and/or Python community projects.
  • Economic factors: we want everybody to have a chance to come to EuroPython, regardless of economic situation or income level.
  • Diversity: we seek the most diverse and inclusive event possible.

How to apply

Please see our financial aid page for all details:

Become a Financial Aid Sponsor !

Even though the EPS is already sponsoring finaid, we can always use more budget to increase the number of people who can benefit from the program.

You or your company can support our diversity and finaid initiative by becoming a sponsor. We have a special options “Financial aid sponsor” and “Financial aid donation” in the list of sponsor options, that can be booked separately or be included in the sponsor package.

Please check our sponsor brochure for more information and contact or the sponsor work group directly

Bring new sponsor and get free ticket for EuroPython 2019 !

EuroPython 2019 Team 

EuroPython 2019: First batch of accepted sessions


Our program work group (WG) has been working hard over the weekend to select the sessions for EuroPython 2019.


We’re now happy to announce the first batch with:

brought to you by 129 speakers.

More advanced talks than in previous EuroPython editions

We are glad that the Python community has heard our call to submit more advanced talks this year. This will make EuroPython 2019 even more interesting than our previous edition.

Waiting List

Some talks are still in the waiting list. We will inform all speakers who have submitted talks about the selection status by email.

PyData EuroPython 2019

As in previous years, we will have lots of PyData talks and trainings:

  • 4 trainings on Monday and Tuesday (July 8-9)
  • 34 talks on Wednesday and Thursday (July 10-11)
  • no PyData talks on Friday (July 12)

Full Schedule

The full schedule will be available early in June.

Training Tickets & Combined Tickets

If you want to attend the trainings offered on the training days (July 8-9), please head over to the registration page in the next couple of days. Sales are going strong and we only have 300 tickets available.

Combined tickets are new this year and allow attending both training and conference days with a single ticket.

EuroPython 2019 Team 

EuroPython 2019: Conference and training ticket sale opens today


We will be starting the EuroPython 2019 conference and training ticket sales

today (Monday) at 12:00 CEST.


Only 300 training tickets available

After the rush to the early-bird tickets last week (we sold more than 290 tickets in 10 minutes), we expect a rush to the regular and training tickets this week as well.

We only have 300 training tickets available, so if you want to attend the training days, please consider getting your ticket soon.

Available ticket types

We will have the following ticket types available:

  • regular conference tickets - admission to the conference days (July 10-12) and sprints (July 13-14)
  • training tickets - admission to the training days (July 8-9)
  • combined tickets - admission to training, conference and sprint days (July 8-14)

Please see our registration page for full details on the available tickets.

As reminder, here’s the conference layout:

  • Monday & Tuesday, July 8 & 9: Trainings, Beginners’ Day and other workshops
  • Wednesday–Friday, July 10–12: Conference talks, keynotes & exhibition
  • Saturday & Sunday, July 13 & 14: Sprints

Combined Tickets

These are a new ticket type we are introducing for EuroPython 2019, to simplify purchase and check-in at the conference for attendees who want to attend the complete EuroPython 2019 week with a single ticket.

To make the ticket more attractive, we are granting a small discount compared to purchasing training and conference tickets separately.

EuroPython 2019 Team

EuroPython 2019: Early-bird ticket sales open today


As previously announced, we will be opening early-bird tickets sales today at 12:00 CEST.

We will have 200 early-bird tickets available when we open up ticket sales. They offer a discount of up to 50% over the standard rate and are usually sold out within a few hours. In 2018 early bird tickets were sold out in just 45 minutes.  

Please have your credit cards ready, in case you want to buy early-bird tickets. We won’t support Paypal payments this year due to the issues we ran into with their service last year.

For more details on tickets, please see our registration page:


Guido van Rossum Core Developer Grant

For Python Core Developers, we have put a special grant in place, which will allow core developers to get free tickets to the conference. We will issue coupon codes for the regular tickets in the coming days, since we’d like to keep the early-bird tickets for people who are not eligible for such grants, refunds or discounts.

If you want to sign up, please check our grant page for details on how to apply.

EuroPython 2019 Team

EuroPython 2019: Call for Sponsors


Reach out to many enthusiastic Python developers, users and professionals in Basel this July !


Sponsoring EuroPython guarantees you highly targeted visibility and the opportunity to present yourself and your company in a professional and innovative environment.

Also, as a sponsor of EuroPython 2019, you will directly help promote the work of a great open-source community which is becoming a powerhouse of technological development and innovation.

Want to know more ?

Head over to the sponsor packages page and feel free to contact us directly with any questions at


Special offer for early bird sponsors

Sponsors who sign up before or on May 17, will receive a special 10% discount on the sponsor package price.

Become a sponsor and support EuroPython 2019 today !

EuroPython 2019 Team