EuroPython 2023 Code of Conduct Transparency Report

The 2023 version of the EuroPython conference took place both online and in person in July 2023. This was the first conference under our new Code of Conduct (CoC), and we had Code of Conduct working group members continuously available both online and in person.


We received three reports, only one of which was actionable:

  1. An in person attendee pointed out that the original wifi password for the venue had “derogatory, sexist and potentially misogynistic” connotations in some variants of English slang, which the creators of that password were unaware of. Once this was pointed out, the password was changed to a more neutral one which took effect at the beginning of the next day.
  2. There were various reports of attendees being rude to conference volunteers when they were not allowed to enter conference rooms that were at capacity. No specific individuals were identified or reported, so the response at the recommendation of the CoC WG was a forceful reminder at the start of each day that all attendees be mindful of the CoC and respectful of the volunteers.
  3. There were reports catering staff being overheard to be rude to attendees asking about vegetarian/vegan food options. The response from the conference staff, with the support of the CoC WG, was to speak to the catering management to prevent re-occurrence.
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