EuroPython Society General Assembly 2023

Following our previous call for EuroPython Society Board Candidates, we've received several self-nominations from our members.  We're not only excited to introduce these candidates to you soon but also delighted to formally invite all EPS members to attend attend this year's General Assembly, which will once again be conducted online to ensure broad member participation:

EuroPython Society General Assembly 2023: 19:00 21:00 CEST, Sunday, 1 October 2023 (check your local time here).

In recent years, we've observed lower turnout at our General Assembly meetings, and we recognise the importance of improving this. As an EPS member, your active involvement is crucial in shaping the future of our Society. We sincerely hope to see more participation from our members this year! By joining the meeting and exercising your vote in the next Board and important Society matters, you play a pivotal role in our decision-making process. Please note that the online meeting is exclusive to EPS members, but we will also record it and share it on YouTube for transparency.

A separate calendar invite containing the Zoom link will be sent to all members subscribed to this mailing list for your convenience. If you're an EPS member and haven't received the calendar invite, please reach out to us at

We sincerely appreciate your support for EPS and look forward to seeing many of you there!

Becoming an EPS member
If you're not an EPS member yet but are considering joining, you can find the details and submit your application here.

Board Nominations

Each year during the GA, we hold elections for the next EPS Board of Directors. If you're an EPS member interested in running for the board or nominating someone else, please submit your nomination notice along with a brief biography. Although the official deadline for nominations is at the time of the GA, we kindly request that you email your nominations to by Monday, 18 September  2023. To keep things transparent, all board nominations and nomination statements will be compiled here. So all members can already find information about candidates on this document, and we will also publish everything on a separate blog post before the GA.

For more details about the Board's responsibilities and the nomination process, please refer to our earlier Call for Board Candidates post.

General Assembly Agenda

You can access the draft agenda and a timeline overview here for reference. The agenda covers all the items specified in Section 8 of the EPS bylaws. We will continuously update it with links to reports as they become available and use it as a live minute during the General Assembly. Additionally, we will include any motions from the board and members. Once everything is updated, we'll send you another email by Monday 25 September 2023. We encourage our members to review the information in advance and raise any questions during the meeting.

Propositions from the board

  • None at the moment.

Should there be any propositions from the board, they will be announced and made available to all our members by Monday 25 September 2023, as per Section 10 of our bylaws.

Motions from the members

  • None at the moment.

All EPS members have the right to propose motions to be voted on at the GA.

If you want to raise a motion, please send it to no later than Friday, 22 September 2023, , so that we can add them to the agenda. The bylaws require that members’ motions be announced at least 5 days before the GA and we will need time to clarify details and make the agenda available to our members accordingly.

Hope to see many of you at the EPS 2023 GA! ❤️🐍

Raquel Dou
EuroPython Society Chair
on behalf of the EPS board

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