EuroPython Society 2023 Q1 Fellows

Hi everyone! A warm welcome to the newly elected EuroPython Society Fellows in the first quarter of 2023.

  • Naomi Ceder
  • Cheuk Ting Ho
  • Francesco Pierfederici
  • Jakub Musko

EuroPython Society Fellows

EuroPython Society Fellows have contributed significantly towards our mission, the EuroPython conference and the Society as an organisation. They are eligible for a lifetime free attendance of the EuroPython conference and will be listed on our EuroPython Society Fellow Grant page in recognition of their work.β€Œ

Naomi has freely given the EPS the benefit of her extensive and wise counsel on matters relating to Python and the community for many years. Furthermore, her widely known work in the international Python community has a positive impact on all of us in the EuroPython community. Her work bringing Trans*Code to EuroPython means we engage with, welcome and are enlarged by the presence of our trans friends at the conference and in our wider community. In celebrating Naomi, we celebrate someone who embodies a thoughtful, inclusive and compassionate ethos, and who is a role model to us all through her selfless contributions to our community. Thank you Naomi.

Cheuk served on the EPS board between 2020-2022, during which time she has made significant contributions to enriching the programme of the conference series. Her keen dedication to diversity and inclusion has made a positive change in our community, through her work on financial aid speaker mentorship programme and her strong advocacy for underrepresented folks in our community. Her staggering amount of travels across continents to nearly all Python community events is awe-inspiring, and we thank her tireless work in bringing our community together.

Francesco served on the EPS board between 2020-2022 and has been a long-term contributor to the EuroPython conference series. He was the primary force in migrating Python 2 to 3 for the now retired codebase of our conference website . Leading the infrastructure team in 2021, the remote conference would have not been so smooth without his massive effort in integrating the matrix platform with our website. Aside from his work in infrastructure, Francesco's warmth and love for the community have always provided energy and strength to everyone in the team.

Jakub contributed to a team culture of clarity, stability and openness, through his code and communication. Leading the web and infrastructure team while serving on the board in 2020, he refactored and simplified a large chunk of the legacy codebase. He always made sure that everyone on the team was on the same page, whether it was about technical details, effective plans to support other teams or new ideas. We hope to see you and your wee one in many EuroPythons to come, Jakub!

The EuroPython Society Board would like to congratulate and thank all the above new Fellows for their tireless work towards our mission! If you want to send in your nomination, check out our Fellowship page and get in touch!

Many thanks,

EuroPython Society

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