EPS Board for the term 2020/2021

After completion of the EuroPython Society General Assembly 2020 last Sunday, we’re happy to announce our new board for the next term:

  • Anders Hammarquist (Treasurer)
  • Cheukting Ho
  • Francesco Pierfederici
  • Marc-André Lemburg (Chair)
  • Martin Christen (Vice Chair)
  • Nicolás Demarchi
  • Raquel Dou
  • Silvia Uberti
  • (*) Jason C. McDonald

Details about our board members are available in the candidate list blog post

Together, we’ll now kick off the organization of EuroPython 2021 and the planning of the next EuroPython editions.

(*) Update: Jason C. McDonald resigned on 2020-11-20.


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