EuroPython Society General Assembly 2022

It feels like yesterday that many of us were together in Dublin or online for EuroPython 2022. Each year, the current board of the EuroPython Society (EPS) holds a General Assembly (GA). It is a precious opportunity for all our members to get together annually, and reflect on the learnings of the past and direction for the future the Society holds.

All members of the EPS are invited to the 2022 GA at 17:00 - 19:00 CEST on Saturday 29 October 2022.  This year’s GA will be held online again to allow as many members as possible to engage with us.

As an EPS member, you are welcome to join us to discuss Society matters and vote at the meeting. While we cannot allow non-EPS members to join the online meeting, a recording of the meeting will be made public on YouTube.

For your convenience, a separate calendar invite with the Zoom link will be sent via email to all EPS members subscribed to the members mailing list. If you are an EPS member and have not received an email, please email us at

Your support of EPS is greatly appreciated and we hope to see many of you!

Board Nominations

Every year at the GA, we will vote in a new EPS Board of Directors. EPS members who wish to stand for election to the board of directors or nominate others must send in your nomination notice, along with a biography of yours.

Though the formal deadline for sending in your nomination is at the time of the GA, we would appreciate it if you could return it to us by emailing by Saturday 22 October 2022. We will publish all the candidates and their nomination statements on a separate blog post for our members to read in advance.

The EPS board is made up of up to 9 directors (including 1 chair and 1 vice chair). The duties and responsibilities of the board are substantial: the board runs the day-to-day business of the EuroPython Society, including significant workload in running the EuroPython conference series, and supports the community through various initiatives such as our grants programme. The board collectively takes up the fiscal and legal responsibility of the Society.

General Assembly Agenda

The agenda will go through all the items business set out in Section 8 of the EPS bylaws. We will send out - via our members mailing list - the agenda, and all motions put forward by the board and members by Saturday 22 October 2022. This will give our members time to go through the information in advance, hopefully leaving more space for questions.

All reports for the GA will also be published in advance, to give the members enough time to read and prepare questions to raise at the GA.

Propositions from the board

  • None at the moment.

Should there be any propositions from the board, they will be announced and made available to all our members at least 5 days before the GA, as per Section 10 of our bylaws.

Motions from the members

  • None at the moment.

All EPS members have the right to propose motions to be voted on at the GA.

If you want to raise a motion, please send it to no later than Friday, 21 October 2022, so that we can add them to the agenda. The bylaws require that members’ motions be announced at least 5 days before the GA and we will need time to clarify details and make the agenda available to our members accordingly.

Hope to see many of you at the EPS 2022 GA! ❤️🐍

EuroPython Society Chair
on behalf of the EPS Board

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